Close up of the keys of an old typewriter

Travel Content vs Travel Copy: same, same but different?

While you can’t say that the copy v content debate is an argument for the ages, it is something that can get the writer in your life just a little bit riled up. What is content? What is copy? They say ‘content tells, copy sells’ but is it really that simple? And what’s it really […]

View of the metal work roof of St Pancras train station at night

Top European holiday destinations by rail from London

Cutting down your carbon footprint doesn’t mean that you don’t have to travel anymore. As many have said before me “the adventure is in the journey”; why not get your holiday off to a roaring start, be it a city break by rail or something a bit longer, and travel to your destination by train? […]

What it was like to travel to Sri Lanka with a six-month old

My husband and I always said that having a baby wouldn’t change the way we travelled. We love to go on trips where we’d travel around, exploring, discovering, adventuring, eating local food, drinking local drinks…you get the picture. Right, we thought when we found out we were pregnant, we’ll just keep on doing all that, […]

Great Canadian Road Trips: Vancouver and Vancouver Island

Canada’s west coast is what road trips are made for. Sandwiched between the Rockies in the east and the Pacific to the west, British Colombia is nature on a grand scale, a veritable wonderland of beauty. Think swathes of untamed forest, towering, snow-kissed peaks and an endless coastline of sandy beaches and rugged, surf-beaten rocks. […]

Looking down over the mountains of the Isle of Skye to the sea

UK breaks that will make you feel like you’re abroad

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty desperate to go somewhere, ANYWHERE right now. Us Brits are known as world travellers (is it an island thing?), and love nothing more than exploring interesting places and sunning ourselves in tropical climes. Scratch that, more like in any climes. Just look at any park when it’s slightly […]

Large, old stone gateway topped with faces looking in 4 directions

I love Cambodia’s Angkor, and you should too.

I adored the Indiana Jones films as a child and always harboured a (still unrealised) desire to be an archaeologist when I grew up – even after I found out that it isn’t all priceless relics and dodging rolling boulder booby traps. I think that’s why I love Angkor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so […]

Drawing of Regency gentlemen and ladies dancing at a ball

Love Bridgerton? This is the Regency lingo you need to know!

Duels at dawn, heaving bosoms, feather headdresses and glances that speak a thousand words – what’s not to love about the Regency Era? And with Netflix’s Bridgerton bringing it to life for us right now, there’s no better time to sharpen up your 19th century vernacular. Firstly, though, what, when and where was the Regency […]

Meeting Charlie: an awkward encounter in South Africa

Do not run, do not run; the words echo around my head, words spoken a few moments earlier in a rushed hiss by our ranger. Easier said than done when a fully-grown bull elephant with pointy looking tusks is, for lack of a better term, starting on you. Honeymooning amongst South Africa’s glorious nature, we […]

Close up of hieroglyphs on an Egyptian temple.

A brief history of the written word.

Have you ever thought about writing? No, me neither, it’s just one of those things you do, isn’t it? You learn how to do it as a small child, and then it just sort of flows from there. But if you did want to think about it…which I hope you do, so you read on […]

5 Reasons You Need a Content writer (me!)

We all have the ability to get a sentence down on paper, it’s true. But does that mean we’re all good at and enjoy writing? Probably not. We all have our things that we are good at, and things that we are not so good at and if the idea of sitting down to write […]

Welcome, welcome. Do make yourself at home.

For me, writing is a pastime, it’s a job, it’s a joy, it’s a frustration. There is nothing as satisfying as a word, a sentence or a paragraph that says exactly what you want it to say, and says it well. There’s the high of discovering and using a new word, and the low of […]