About Nicci Kimmel

Travel content writing was the dream job I fell into by very happy accident! From that very first copywriting job for my local gap year travel company Real Gap Experience fresh out of uni to now, I have become a qualified copywriter and completed an IDM Diploma in digital marketing. I’ve had writing based marketing and content positions across a few different sectors, it’s true, but I’ve always come back to travel. I spent the last nine years of my work experience in the travel industry, three years at Travel Editions, and six at Wendy Wu Tours, both based in London. If you’d like to read a bit more about my work experience, feel free to head to my LinkedIn profile.

As well as writing from my own experiences, I relish researching destinatons, study cultures and unravel stories, using my new knowledge to write something that is appealing, accessible and inspiring. This is one of my favourite parts of the job.

I love to go to new places, and to properly explore them. There’s no greater happiness for me than pounding the pavements of a new city, clambering about a historical site or strolling beaches, countryside, forests and mountains. Over the past 20 years, this passion for exploration has taken me to some incredible places around the world – from Tibet to Ecuador, Sicily to South Africa, and Iceland to New Zealand, though I’m just as happy to discover places just 20 miles down the road as 2,000 across the world, especially in this time of climate challenges. I strongly believe that travel opens the mind to the new, the exquisite and the different, and that you don’t have to go halfway across the world to do it. I want to inspire everyone to experience the world in whatever why they can; it can only be a positive thing for people to know more about the world and other people in it.

In the end, I’m just a word nerd. Love puns; hate it when ‘dessert’ is misspelt ‘desert’ and really don’t like the word ‘stunning’.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

What People Say

Nicci is highly organised individual, who blends well within a team environment but is equally effective working independently. Nicci is one of the best travel content producers I have worked with, she can readily adapt her style to suit the required tone of voice and has a great intuitive feel for how to position content for the audience. Whilst at Wendy Wu, Nicci worked across social media, blog and web content, printed media including magazines and brochures. With a great eye for detail and a level of thoroughness that inspires confidence I can highly recommend Nicci for any copywriting projects you may have.

David Williams, Head of Marketing, Wendy Wu Tours

Nicci was a delight to work with, both professionally and personally. She was always open to new ideas and brought a positive attitude to the role. Nicci is both creative and versatile and adapts well to each task in hand. She has excellent attention to detail and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Ben Briggs, Travel Marketing Professional

Nicci is such a pleasure to work with… Nothing is ever too much and things get done quickly and in an efficient manner. Able to grasp any concept and roll with it, even those that fell outside her core disciplines. As an agency it is always so good to have a friendly person on the other side that gets the job we have to do, but equally is able to communicate extremely well on what they need from us. I really hope to work with Nicci again in the future!

Priscila Webb, Accord Marketing

Nicci is a talented copywriter, able to understand and delivery exacting briefs with a real creative flair. From attention grabbing social media snippets and marketing collateral to concise brochure copy and engaging blogs, whatever the job, Nicci produces on time and better than expected.

She is imaginative yet also has an excellent eye for detail and has a superb work ethic. She is also cheerful and enthusiastic to boot. In short, she is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would heartily recommend her.

Lee Holden, Digital Marketing Manager, Wendy Wu Tours

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