Content & Copy Services

What I can do for you.

First and foremost, I’m great with words, so I will write you excellent content that does what you need it to do.

It’ll capture the very essense of your destinations, be filled with the joy and wonder of travel, and inspire your readers to immediately start packing for farflung adventures.

No two companies are the same, so I’ll get to know you and your brand and write in a way that reflects them both, and I’ll get to know your customers so I can also write in a way that speaks to them. For some, that may be conjuring up evocative images of adventures in distant lands, for others it might be logistics, practicalities and thorough detail. Either way, I’ve got your back.

I know the industry, I’ve worked in it and I’ve used it extensively, so I understand the unique challenges of a business in the travel industry and I understand how to use words to help you achieve what you need to achieve.

It’s really as easy as leaving all that wordy stuff to me. That allows you to focus on what you love to do, be that product creation, talking to customers and partners, or crunching the numbers.

We’re in this together. Think of me as your word genie. We’ll figure out what the copy needs to say, how you’d like it to sound, who it’s for and…BOOM, your copy wish is my command.

So. What do you need? Let’s see if any of these take your fancy:


Ah, blogs. Great for SEO and for getting information out into the world but really time consuming to write. Luckily, I love knocking out blogs left, right and centre; all thoroughly researched and written to appeal to your customers.


Communicating with your database is an essential part of any business’ marketing strategy. I can provide you with the right words to let your customers know your latest news, offers, stories or products, and persuade them into action.


Written to tempt potential travellers to embark on epic adventures, I will whip up itineraries that are full of accurate information but that also inspire the reader to plan their holidays and book, book, book!

Destination content

Fully researched, full of exquisite detail and written in a style and tone that will suit your customers, my destination content gives a full sensory experience, leaving the reader ready and raring to go on the holiday of a lifetime!


As online as the world is, who doesn’t love flicking through a brochure? I understand their importance as a marketing tool, especially within the travel industry, and can provide you with a consistant and inspiring piece of collateral from start to finish.

Articles & Features

Whether it’s a snappy report on an exciting bit of news you want shouted about, an indepth piece on a destination or a piece for your SEO strategy, I can provide you with compelling content to help you spread the word about what you’re up to.


Want to refresh your web content to make it work a bit harder? Sounds good, I’m in! I’ll make it informative, engaging and SEO friendly. That way it will be great for business and great for those pesky search engine bots.

Direct Mails & Newsletters

From brief yet informative weekly round-ups to attention grabbing mail that will complement your digital marketing strategy – I can fill either with inspiring, persuasive copy that will have your readers coming back for more.

Hotels & Attractions

Hotels, sights and attactions are a huge selling point on many holidays, so let me handle them! They’ll be accurate yet tempting and targetted to the people who are likely to love them most, with plenty of charm thrown in for extra inspiration.

Shall we get started?