Travel Content vs Travel Copy: same, same but different?

While you can’t say that the copy v content debate is an argument for the ages, it is something that can get the writer in your life just a little bit riled up. What is content? What is copy? They say ‘content tells, copy sells’ but is it really that simple? And what’s it really got to do with anything anyway? With so many questions posed, we better get to answering!

Copy or content, content or copy

Are they the same thing? Are they different things? Do you care?!

If you’re not doing some form of writing for a living, you probably don’t, but if you wanted to hire a writer to create some copy/content for your travel business, it’s probably a good thing to at least vaguely know the difference.

Ok, tell me more…

It’s a bit of an argument of semantics really, but the distinction between the two mostly seems to come down to intent.

Want something to persuade the audience to take action (eg book a holiday) or to raise some awareness around your brand? Then you’re after some copy.

Want to communicate some information about a new destination to your customers? Then content is your thing.

In short, copy is persuasion and content is information.

But you know, just to add an extra layer of ‘huh?’ copy can be content, but content is always copy, so it’s fair to say there is alot of crossover!

But, of course, in many cases you’re going to need a bit of both – a lot of content provides information with the ultimate goal of inspiring action in the reader. I mean, you’re not going to wax lyrical about that new hotel you’re selling without adding a cheeky little call to action in there are you?

So what does that look like?

Copy is things like ads, marketing emails, brochures and landing pages – the things you would use to sell your product/service. Short, snappy headlines and taglines, copy is short and to the point. In advertising, it’s copy that uses psychology to appeal to our emotions, that is bold and innovative (most of the time!), a la Mad Men, 21st century style.

Content is more long-form and includes blogs and articles, though it doesn’t have to be written and can include things like infographics and videos. Content is also where you’ll see bigger results in terms of searches, as it is this that involves the keywords and analytics that gets you up the search engine rankings.

It’s all about the writer

In the end, the best writers will do both and do both fabulously, using their skills and the right language to perfectly appeal to your audience by telling stories and subtly persuading, while also informing and provoking thoughts and ideas that build on what the reader already knows.

It’s a bit of an artform really, and one that most writers, like me, totally and utterly geek out over!

Whichever you are looking for – travel copy or travel content, or a delightful mixture of the two, I am your person, so let’s have a chat and see what wonderful words I can whip up for you.
I’m ready, waiting and very willing

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